Digestion, Heartburn & Ulcers

240_F_116068930_IHyxrAnjdeYo11FN6mV017PkbMcBhOCpYour digestive system is a long tube that begins at your mouth and ends at your anus. Your throat, esophagus, stomach, duodenum and intestines (and other organs) are modifications of this tube. It has one overriding goal: to break down your food (digestion) and extract energy and nutrients from it (assimilation) and send the waste products down the tube to be eliminated.

Your chiropractor analyzes your body for subluxations, distortions in the body that interfere with your internal communications, that can irritate your nerves and affect your digestion.

utilizing the art of chiropractic adjustment your Doctor will correct your subluxations, this will result in more balance and improved function of your glands and organs.